Music In the Air

ISBN-13: 9781733387507
Music In the Air

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Award-winning professor Robert Winter (UCLA) and accomplished designer-programmer Peter Bogdanoff invite students and self-learners into a universe of music and ideas as diverse as the one we live in. Music In the Air (MITA) features world-class recordings at the forefront of a refreshingly delightful exploration of music history and theory as it seamlessly weaves together cultural contexts, graded listening guides, interactive scores, and sound-drenched explanations of musical terms. Joined by video encounters with respected scholars and talented student musicians, Winter and Bogdanoff lead learners through a representative cross-section of the entirety of Western classical music as well as blues, jazz, popular, and global styles. MITA's all-digital learning environment is guaranteed to enrich real-life relationships with music while enlarging abilities to discuss, play, and enjoy.With multi-layered content and powerful tools for sorting and searching, MITA is a flexible, complete alternative to traditional textbooks for university music appreciation and history survey courses. It can also supplement a range of theory and upper-division history texts and be enjoyed by independent learners with a high school reading level or above.

ISBN-13 9781733387507
ISBN-10 1733387501