Brain Games for Your Child

Over 200 Fun Games to Play

Robert Fisher
eISBN-13: 9780285641433

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The result of three decades of research by an internationally acclaimed expert, this book is packed with more than 200 individual games to help children of varying ages and abilities build their thinking, language, and social skills—and have fun at the same time. Ideal for parents, teachers, and nursery school staff, each game is clearly introduced to explain the skills it will develop. Both brain games and travel games cover a wide range of ages—from just a few months to nine years old—so the book can be used for many years and within families of multiple kids. Helping to create lasting bonds with parents, siblings, and caregivers, the games and activities outlined will produce clear improvements to a child’s mind and make positive developments in literacy and numeracy, musical and reasoning skills, and physical dexterity.

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ISBNs 0285641433, 9780285640436, 0285641433, 9780285640436, 9780285641433
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Number of Pages 193